Residential & Commercial Roofing

Insured Loveland residential roofing contractor

Your home is more than likely one of your most valuable assets.  And so it is important to protect your investment with a roof that is up to par.  If you have recently experienced severe weather such as large hail and high wind, or your roof shingles simply are getting old, you may want consider having a roof inspection.   

Our professional team provides commercial roofing services ranging from minor roofing repairs to new roof replacement.

A residential roof may have issues you are not even aware of and damage can take you by surprise with minor leaking that starts in the ceiling and in the attic, which could go unnoticed.  Sheetrock is stained and damaged, insulation will become wet or damp, causing mold and electrical wires to become exposed to water, causing other potential hazards. So it is fair to say that protecting everything on the inside starts with your roof.

Charisma Construction regards safety, quality and integrity above anything else.  And, we have the experience needed to get the job done right the first time.  When you hire Charisma for your commercial roofing needs, you will have 100% of our devotion to your project.   Contact Charisma Construction today for a free consultation.

Our roofing professionals are insured, knowledgeable, always display professionalism, and are ETHICAL before anything else.  We will give you an honest inspection. If you have issues, we will show you. If you don’t, we will simply tell you and hope to earn your business in the future.

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